About Us
About wdyedu.com

Headquartered in central Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park known as Chinese Silicon, wdyedu.com is a world-leading cloud platform of Internet education officially launched at the end of November, 2017 by Weidong Cloud Education Group. Taking on the mission of enabling people to have access to world high-quality education resources equally and conveniently, it establishes cooperation with numerous education and training agencies, converges world high-quality teaching resources and provides courses covering such various areas as sinology culture, early parenting &childhood education, elementary education, language for studying abroad, IT & Internet, vocational skills, hobbies and interests and international education. It aims at providing professional and all-around education products and service for families, individuals, agencies and enterprises via technological innovation, connecting the educational supply and demand of different regions by virtue of advantages of the Internet so as to realize the optimum resource allocation, provide convenient, substantial and professional education service for the users, constantly create values for the users and promote industrial growth.

Business Model

wdyedu.com performs B2B2C(Business to Business to Customer)model combining online interaction and offline interaction, namely, a third-party education platform connecting the supplier and demander of the educational contents to provide technologies, functions and services for all teaching links and realize the liquidating of educational contents. Families, individuals, agencies and enterprises can enjoy the courses and services and complete the dealing online directly and users can experience the one-stop educational services at wdyedu.com through online learning and offline courses.

Core Users

On account of total institutional education resources deficiency and uneven allocation, people invest themselves and their family members through extra education and training, hoping to acquire better learning, jobs and life. wdyedu.com covers users of all stages including preschool kids, K12, college students, employees and the retired, penetrating people’s lifetime learning. At present, wdyedu.com has included core users such as K12 students/parents, college students, employees and sinology fans.

Product and Service

Currently, targeting at the students and agencies, wdyedu.com sets up four business systems, including.

To B: business consulting, teaching tool, marketing tool, online transaction.

To C: learning consulting, learning tool, quality course, online transaction.

Way of Lecturing

At wdyedu.com, you will experience two different learning styles. You could learn at anytime and anywhere. Either kind of learning style represents a mental and physical trip on the road of knowledge seeking.

Offline Lecturing
Online Lecturing
Students can enjoy the offline lecturing through reserving at wdyedu.com.
Students can enjoy the online video lecturing of teachers at wdyedu.com.
On-the-spot Teaching
Real-time Interaction
Face-to face interaction with teachers gives out rich learning atmosphere and guarantees more concentrated attention and better learning results.
Through online teaching tool and online learning, students can share curriculum documents such as PPT and communicate with teachers in real time to solve problems at any time.
Optional Place
Region Unlimited
The two sides can negotiate about the place of lecturing, such as at students’ or teachers’ place or place offered by the third-party.
No worries about star teachers being not local. You could choose to take remote lecturing by your favorite star teachers; even if the star teachers are local, remote lecturing can also save your commute time.
Fully Equipped
Preferential Price
Offline lecturing is more suitable for those requiring professional equipment and sites, such as piano and dancing, etc.
Online lecturing is generally cheaper than offline lecturing. Choosing online lecturing saves you more expenses.
Corporate Culture

With both profound accumulation like a group company and infinite possibility like a startup company, wdyedu.com welcomes those simple and innocent and insists on effective and straightforward work style. We have a complete product chain covering the educational ecosphere. You do not adapt to the future but create the future with us here.


Enabling people have equal and convenient access to global high-quality educational resources.

Everybody could learn anywhere anytime.


Grow into a world-leading cloud platform of Internet education.


Put users first, create values, embrace changes and take on responsibilities actively.

Slogan :

We offer all you want to learn.

Our Advantages

As a third-party cloud platform of Internet education specializing in connecting and serving the supplier and demander of educational resources, wdyedu.com has unique advantages in such aspects as brand, market, resources and team, which acts as city moat for its growth.

Brand Advantages:

Created by Weidong Cloud Education Group, wdyedu.com is the online portal of the group’s global lifetime education eco-system. As an operator of global Internet education platform, the group has always been dedicated to education industry since its establishment five years ago. It has set up branches in 16 countries worldwide and hundreds of educational informationization projects covering ten millions of students, parents and teachers.

Resource Advantages:

As a leading provider of educational informationization service, Weidong Cloud Education Group has accumulated rich experience in domestic elementary education, vocational education and overseas education and possesses unparalleled resource advantages in educational park, educational administrative agencies, institutions of higher education and training agencies.

Market Advantages:

With 16 branches worldwide covering over 13 million users domestically, Weidong Cloud Education Group offers products for more than 1400 schools in China and services for 330 of the world’s top 500 enterprises. As strategic partner of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural organization), it offers international digital educational resource sharing platforms for 195 member countries and has host the International Education Information Conference for four consecutive times at two sessions.

Team Advantages:

With core teams composed of top talents from Baidu.com, Alibaba, Tencent and other renowned Internet companies and famous educational agencies, wdyedu.com possesses systematic philosophies and mature experience in educational planning, R&D, promotion and operation.

Strategic partner


International Internet Education Alliance

IUIA (International Universities Innovation Alliance)

Tsinghua University Government and Social Capita Cooperation Research Center

German Demos Training and Education Group

French ESC Bretagne Brest



















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