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Join the DEMOS Cloud Class makes it easier to recruit students
  • Cloud platform

    Abundant resources for teachers;

    Perfect management system;

    All-around course display;

    Personalized promotion program;

  • Merchant platform

    Teaching/marketing management

    fnancial/ account management

    Analyze user's track from different latitude, realize accurate marketing, improve sales

  • Online school

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    promoting enrollment independently

    Set the domain name independently;

    Customize the LOGO;

    Custom interface;

  • WeChat platform

    millions of fans;

    Marketing campaigns help increase user

    stickiness and monetization;


Comprehensive marketing, integration of all channels

More than 60,000 partner distribution teams cover all kinds of people

Help the organization to accurately match the group of students

Powerful marketing tools, tens of millions of elite partners to promote

Help improve user stickiness and payment conversion, increase trading volume

Omnidirectional marketing

More than 200 people are pushing teams offline, covering all major universities across the country


The entire media publicity easy to get customers, help store transformation

Provide coupons, raffle, full reduction, points, education community and other operating tools


One-stop service and all-round support
  • Course management
  • Educational management
  • Financial management
  • Operations management
Abundant education platform resources
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Degree
  • IT
  • Interest
HD video and teaching tools
  • progress tracking
  • Custom chapter learning
  • Course collection
  • Grade the course
  • Copyright protection
  • Multi-terminal encrypted
  • Mobile phone support
  • Video buffer
Live courses,face-to-face communication
  • Information sharing
  • Answer questions online
  • Interface synchronization
  • Mobile payments
  • Millions of users are online at the same time
  • Control the collective discussion
  • switch ppt flexible
  • Evaluation management
  • Teacher management
  • Permission assignment
  • Data report
  • Learning progress
  • Send notice
  • Download management
  • Answer and discuss
  • Account details
  • Settlement record
  • Report export
  • Tuition statistics
  • Fee escalation
  • Pay performance
Statistical statement
  • Access source statistics
  • New student statistics
  • Trajectory analysis
  • Sales statistics
  • Hot course statistics
  • Data report exports
sharing and earning
Student development system
Student points
Enhance the stickiness and promote secondary consumption
Growth system
comprehensive tracking, providing accurate one-stop service
Join us and solve the problems around you
  • Lack of teachers
  • completion rate is low
  • Student information clutter
  • Small range pushing
  • sales service differentiation
Before join
Join after
  • Millions of star teachers, solve education resource imbalance
  • Live、record、offline,use fragmentation time
    efficient utilization
  • Teaching management, tracking and analyzing students' tracks, and identifying
    needs of students
  • All-media marketing to solve the high cost and low profit
  • Quality service and professional technical
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